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Our in-house experts join hands with some of the best experts in the industry to create a personalized journey suited on an individual needs and level.
Our plans are affordable and flexible.

Customize @Yoga
Make Your Own Yoga Session


  1 Yoga session

Customize your own Yoga session to focus on personal goal and overcoming health concerns. #Everlasting
Customize @Diet
Customize your own Diet Consultation


  1 Diet session

Customize your own Diet Session based on your health goal. Our online dietitians provide health risk assessment, diet evaluation, guidance and support to address the underlying heath condition and personal like and dislike. #Everlasting
Customize @Mind Therapy
Customize your own Therapy Session


  1 Therapy session

Invest in happiness! Our experienced team of therapists provide online counselling at convenience, affordable, and private.
The Dr. Stopper
4 Weeks Program


  8 Yoga sessions

  2 Diet sessions

Designed for the people who desperately needs to get in shape but doesn’t know where to start, and want to approach fitness slow and easy. Whether you need to lose weight, get healthy, fight illness, improve range of motion or just move better, this program is for you.
The Evolver
8 weeks Program


  16 Yoga sessions

  4 Diet sessions

Specifically designed to melt fat, sculpt the body and feel beautiful, healthy and nourish. The Evolver is 8 week transformational plan. It’s a small investment for a BIG reward!
The Performer
12 Weeks Program


  24 Yoga sessions

  6 Diet sessions

Structured especially for the performers, (Sports or otherwise) to cope with high levels of performance pressure.