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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions below:


How online consultation differ from in-person consultation?

Online consultation is a unique service offered for our clients to avail the service from any location. It is very useful for the people who are not able to take time out because of their busy lifestyle. Clients don’t need to visit the clinic and can avail all the benefits as meeting in person. You can book an appointment by contacting us and we will be in touch with you. For more details please visit Online Consultation page under Services section.

If I am late for the session is it a problem?

It is advisable to be online 5-10 mins before your schedule.

Unhappy with our experts!

Unhappy with our experts, please reach to our customer support team at 080-48541249 or email us at care@mudrastudio.com or you can chat with us online through our website. we will certainly find you another expert, as per your need.



What are the services we provide in yoga?

  • Yoga for weight loss
  • Yoga for athletes
  • Yoga for Pre-natal
  • Yoga for Specific medical condition
  • Stress management.

What should I wear during my yoga session?

Wear something loose and comfortable, that does not restrict your movements. Yoga is done in bare feet. For kid’s ballet, ballet shoes are optional. Your child can do the class in bare feet and bring a pair of socks for slide work

Can I practice yoga if I am pregnant or have a health problem?

Yoga is a very safe activity if done correctly. Make sure to tell the instructor about any physical limitations or medical conditions (including pregnancy). An experienced instructor can teach you how to adapt poses to fit your situation. Again, please let the teacher know about your condition before the class and submit relevant letter from your doctor to the instructor if required.

Is your instructor certified?

Yes, our yoga instructors are certified from reputed institutions. Our instructors follow Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasana and Iyengar style.

Is it ideal to attend the session from smart phone?

Due to the visibility constraints, we advise to attend the session through tablet, laptop, desktop and smart tv’s.



What are the services we provide in diet?

  • Weight Management
  • Diet for kids
  • Diet for women post 35 years of age
  • Diet for fitness freaks
  • Diet for geriatric for 65 to 75 years
  • Diet for pregnancy
  • Diet for PCOD ( Polycystic Ovarian Disease)
  • Diet for Hypothyroid
  • Maintenance Diet.

What can I expect from the dietitian appointment?

  • Detailed assessment of individual nutritional needs.
  • Customized diet plan based on assessment and medical reports, if any.
  • Nutrition education counseling.
  • Expert evidence based advice.
  • Goal setting and ongoing support.
  • Your questions will be answered.

when online diet plans are available what is the need to enroll for similar service?

One size does not fit all when it comes to determining your calorie needs. You should consider many factors, such as age, gender, metabolism, genetic blue print, body shape and shape you are in, Activity level.

Who can benefit from nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy can be helpful for many different people, including those who want to learn how to manage a chronic illness, cope with food allergies or intolerances, lose weight, or eat healthier. Many of our clients are dealing with concerns that include Chronic illness, Migraines/Headaches, hormonal health, weight gain / weight loss.

I’m doing everything right! Why aren’t I losing weight?

It’s one of the most common complaints about dieting, particularly from women. Even when you follow nutrition exactly as it’s written; your weight loss may vary widely from what the diet guru says it should be—or even from your friend on the exact same plan. You and your friend can eat the exact same meal and end up with totally different results.

How will your nutrition education help me if I still want to eat meat and not become a vegetarian?

Plant-based-nutrition is our passion, and our primary goal is to transition you to a healthy, practical plant-based eating pattern, but we never force.

Is your dietitian qualified?

Our dietitians are well qualified and have rich experience in the field of dietetics and specializes in providing customized diet plans for an individual need.

Can I be assessed by dietitian?

Yes, our dietitian will assess as soon as you start your first consultation and based on your assessment our dietitian will help you understand the right/wrong about your eating pattern and help you correct it.

Do I need to inform the Dietitian if I am allergic to any food?

Yes, you must inform to the Dietitian about any allergic to the food.


Mind Therapy

What are the services we provide?

We provide following services

  • Stress management
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Career counselling
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

What kind of therapist do you have?

We have 2 kinds of therapist- Psychologist and Psychiatrist.

What is the difference between Psychologist and Psychiatrist?

Psychologists look at patient’s behavior area and use therapy to guide their thoughts and feelings in positive directions to solve their problems. Psychiatrists are doctors who may use medication along with therapy to treat the symptoms.

Though both study the brain, emotions, feelings and thoughts, there is the distinct difference between the 2 fields of study.

How long does it take to see the result?

That is based on you the individual with your needs. Some problems are simple and others are complex. Everyone needs a different amount of treatment. Usually, you will feel changes beginning in the first couple of sessions. Most conditions cannot occur over night and cannot be solved overnight either. Our goal is to return you to peak level of performance.

Is it ideal to speak to different therapist for every session?

To have effective therapy it’s advisable that you remain with one therapist to help you to resolve your problem.

Can Minor (under 18 years old) avail the service?

Minor can avail the service unless accompanied by the guardian.

What are the situations where we do not offer this service

  • If you are having a thought of harming yourself or someone else.
  • If you are suffering from Acute Depressive Disorder.
  • If you are feeling suicidal.
  • If you have severe Substance Use Disorder(SUT), also known as a Drug use disorder

What happens if I am under a treatment with another psychiatrist?

You have to disclose with our psychiatrist about your previous treatment with another psychiatrist at beginning of your first session.



Shall I get a confirmation message for registration?

Yes, you will get a message for your mobile and email.

How do I change my mobile number?

You can change your mobile number after signing in to your account. Just click on the edit option and follow the prompts.

How do I sign up with Mudra Studio?

Sign up with your personal details like name, email and phone number.

I have forgotten my password how do I proceed?

Please follow the following process to restore your password

  • Click on the forgot password link
  • Enter your email id and phone number and click next
  • Please enter the OTP which has been sent to your registered email and mobile and click verify.

Is my information secure?

Yes, your all personal information is secured.



What are the plans you offer?

  • The Dr. Stopper
  • The Evolver.
  • The Performer
  • Customize your own
  • Psychiatric/Psychology based on session

Shall I get message after purchasing the plan?

You will get a message to your registered mobile and email.

Can I change or cancel my plan?

You can change your plan by giving us a call on 080-48541249 or email us at care@mudrastudio.com or you can chat us online through our website.

How do I purchase the plan?

Select your plan of choice or customize your own, review your selected plan and make the payment.



What if I am late for my booked Session?

If you are late by 15 minutes for your scheduled time then your session will become Invalid.

How do I book the sessions?

Please sign in with your log in credentials and select one of the available schedule, choose experts and confirm the commitments. Finally, when your session is due, just sign in and begin your live interactive session with the Expert.

Shall I get a remainder for my scheduled session?

You will get a message 15 mins prior to your scheduled session to your registered mobile and email.

Can I cancel my booked session?

No. You can not cancel your session but you can Reschedule your booked session.

Can I reschedule the session?

You can reschedule the session at least one hour prior to your scheduled session.

How can I reschedule?

Please contact our customer support team on 080-48541249 or email us at care@mudrastudio.com or you can chat us online through our website.

What is the duration of yoga session?

1 session = 1 hour.

What is the duration of diet consultation?

1 consultation = 45 mins.

What is the duration of Mind Therapy session?

1 session = 45 minutes.

Are my sessions going to be recorded?

No, to ensure privacy and security of data, sessions are neither recorded nor stored. The session will be strictly between you and your experts and no one will access to your session.


Billing & Payment

How can I make payment?

You can make payments online.

What are the modes of payment available

We have the below modes of payments available for purchasing plans

  • Credit and debit card
  • net banking
  • mobile wallets
  • gift voucher if any.

Is my credit and debit card information secure?

Yes, we use reputed and advanced payment gateway, which uses multiple encryption key method to process the payment.

Can I get a confirmation SMS or email after making a payment?

Yes, you will get an SMS and email about confirmation of your purchase.

Can I get a refund?

In following circumstances, you will get a refund,

  • If you choose any of our plans and want to discontinue after few sessions we will refund on a Pro-Reta basis.
  • If you have purchased a plan and you have not attended any session then you are eligible to get full refund.
  • If the sessions could not be conducted because of the technical problem at our end then you will get your refund.

In how many days I can get my refund?

You will get your refund within 14 working days.



What if call audio is garbled or experiencing noise?

  • Use a headset instead of built-in computer microphone.
  • Reduce Ambient noise such as near by speakers or fans.
  • Adjust the distance of microphone from the mouth – too close can cause Audio-clipping.
  • Adjust microphone levels in the sound settings.
  • Close an unneeded applications and browser tabs.

I’m having the technical issue with the site. What should I do?

We have optimized the website to offer the best user experience please check your connection with your internet service provider. If you still face the problems, please email us at care@mudrastudio.com or call us on 080-48541249 or you can chat with our executive through our website.

What browser works best for Mudra Studio?

It works with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

What if my session stops in the middle due to technical error?

Please email us at care@mudrastudio.com or call us on 080-48541249 or you can chat with our executive through our website. Our customer service executive will reschedule the session.

What do I do if my payment process failed but my account/card/valet has been charged?

We are Sorry for the unlikely inconvenience. If your payment process failed but you have been charged, we will notify you if any erroneous charges have been incurred and reverse any amount charged within 2 weeks.