Dr. Abhay Keste



Dr. Abhay Keste is a renowned Iyengar Yoga instructor who runs the Shrikant Yoga Centre in Belgaum. A disciple of BKS Iyengar, Dr. Abhay has a bachelor's degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. He took up Yoga training at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune, in 1994. Since then he has devoted his time and energy towards perfecting his art and teaching Yoga to people of all ages and ethnicities. Making use of his knowledge of anatomy and physiology, Dr. Abhay has created life-sized mecca no-style frames to help people perfect various postures and asanas to practice Yoga safely. A firm advocate of the benefits of proper posture and alignment, Dr. Abhay regularly takes classes on anatomy and conduct Yoga classes in Goa.

The success of Abhay’s centre's can be accredited to his degree in homeopathic medicine and surgery, which enables him to teach yoga with a very strong focus on proper alignment, as well as a physiological perspective.

Abhay started his journey on the path of yoga along with his father, who took up a yogic lifestyle himself as a means to improve his health.
Dr. Abhay Keste has always believed that yoga can be a highly effective and powerful source of rejuvenation on the physical, mental and ultimately the spiritual level. He maintains that health is linked to the body-mind connection. Abhay claims that nowadays, we are confronted and threatened by our busy lives and fast paced daily routines, which often tempt our minds to wonder and focus on various external information, while the inner self is discarded. He believes that this leads to imbalance and detachment, manifesting as pathology. It is through this reason that he believes yoga to be the best system to achieve true freedom, serenity and bliss. He also stresses that yoga is universal – every person can use it to their advantage, it is like a free medicine that we always carry with us.

Dr. Keste keeps up with his personal practice under the guidance of Guruji, BKS Iyenger who has visited Shrikant Yoga Centre on occasion, as well. Abhay is a wonderfully joyous person with a radiant smile, kind word and helping hand. And still stands on his head for 105 minutes – practice makes perfect indeed!

Instruments which are created by Dr. Keste are very flexible to adjust for all the types of poses.These are appreciated by Guruji the BKS Iyengar.